Prof Rainer Schmid

Prof. Dr. Rainer Schmid

Born in Vienna in 1949.

Studies of chemistry at the University of Vienna were followed by post-graduate training as a toxicologist at the Medical University of Vienna. He then undertook a two-year research stay in neuropharmacology at the National Institute of Health in the USA. Upon returning to the USA, Schmid began his university career as a scientific assistant in the psychiatric university clinic.
In 1990 he undertook postdoctoral qualification in the area of clinical chemistry and, until 2014, was associate professor at the Institute for Laboratory Diagnostics of the Medical University of Vienna at Vienna General Hospital. Schmid was head of the department of medication analysis and toxicology.
Beginning in 2000, Schmid spent five years as a member of the United Nations’ international drug control advisory committee. In 1997, the toxicologist conceived and designed the Vienna drug prevention project “Check It” in his capacity as scientific coordinator.
Professor Schmid is a member of many international scientific associations and on the board of the Austrian Toxicology Society; he regularly supervises dissertations and theses in the area of biopharmaceutical analytics. He heads the analytical laboratory at Medical Cannabinoids Research & Analysis GmbH and conducts quality analysis.

DDr. Lisi Xie

Born in Sichuan, China in 1984

A master’s programme and subsequent doctoral programme were undertaken at the University of Agriculture in Sichuan.
The agronomist is specialised in the area of plant physiology, molecular biology and genetics and is proficient in numerous biological research methods ranging from microscopy techniques and tissue culture through to plant hybrids and next-generation sequencing. From 2011 until 2014, Lisi Xie completed her second doctorate at the Vienna University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences and focussed, in Austria, on the key areas of food chemistry and biotechnology. In her research projects, Lisi Xie works with genome mapping and next-generation sequencing (NGS) in order to identify genes that are responsible for the UVB sensitivity and tolerance of certain plants.
The biotechnologist is head of the area for clone research and variety development at Medical Cannabinoids Research & Analysis GmbH.


Pierluigi Santoro

Born in Italy in 1984

This environmental and agricultural scientist has headed the Business Development, Logistics and Quality Management departments of international corporations and provides consulting services to hydroculture and biogas facilities throughout Europe on the topic of generating energy from biomass. Before this, he completed the prestigious Fulbright Programme in Entrepreneurship and Management at Leavey School of Business in Santa Clara University, California. From 2013 to 2014, Santoro also worked on biogas development in rural areas as a visiting researcher at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. Prior to that, he graduated with a Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, specialising in environmental framework analysis. Even during his Master’s degree in Rural Development and Sustainable Technology at the University of Florence, Santoro was already tackling the research topic of producing biogas by anaerobically fermenting food waste. This Master’s degree followed a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture, the Food Industry and Forestry in 2007. At Medical Cannabinoids Research & Analysis GmbH, Santoro heads the Business Development and Customer Care departments.


Alexander Kristen

Alexander Kristen

Born in Vienna in 1971.

Completion of the school-leaving certificate was followed by the start of a career in competitive sports. The national volleyball player participated in the Seoul Olympic Summer Games in 1988, ending his sports career in 1994.
From 1995, he studied law at the Vienna faculty of law and was a legal advisor at Helping Hands, as well as undertaking legal activities for various law firms. Within the framework of his legal studies, Alexander Kristen analysed the fact that cultivation and sale of cannabis plants was only illegal if they served for the production of addictive substances. Vienna Higher Regional Court validated this legal view in a ruling in 2014. The ruling stated that the sale of hemp plants in the vegetative phase is legal, unless accompanied by advice concerning “other uses”. Its possession is permitted as long as a hemp plant does not flower and the flowers are not separated from the stem. It is upon this basis that Kristen established his company Flowery Field in 2004. The quality of the plants soon made him market leader. His company currently produces 25,000 hemp plants per week under laboratory conditions.
Thanks to many years of basic research he has succeeded in breeding cannabis plants in vitro. This complex process guarantees that sterile and virus-free hemp plants may be produced without any use of pesticides. This basic research is now being continued and further developed by Medical Cannabinoids Research & Analysis GmbH in its capacity as an independent research unit of Flowery Field GmbH.
Alexander Kristen is managing director and owner of Medical Cannabinoids Research & Analysis GmbH.


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